floorLoc™ Guarantee Policy

  1. floorLoc™ guarantee covers the supply of the laminate only and does not include labour, underlay, accessories etc. It also only covers abrasion resistance of the floor’s surface, which runs from the date of purchase for 18 (eighteen) years in domestic and 6 years in commercial applications, but subject to the following conditions:
  2. floorLoc™ laminate must be applied according to its application rating which is clearly indicated on each box of laminate according to the AC3 or AC4 code. AC3 is suitable for all Domestic and Light Duty Commercial applications. AC4 is suitable for all Domestic and Medium Duty Commercial Applications. Please check with us at info@floorloc.co.za if in any doubt regarding the application.
  3. floorLoc™ panels must be checked before and during installation for any defects as no liability is accepted for faulty materials installed with visible defects. Floors must also be installed according to the instructions provided with each box of laminate.
  4. The room must be dry with a humidity of less than 70%, and no liability is accepted for floorLoc™ floors installed in damp rooms. Cement sub floors must have maximum residual moisture of 2.0CM% and should be leveled, if need be, using a hydrate flow cement screed (known as self leveling screed) with maximum residual moisture of 0.3CM%.
  5. Any abrasion area which is the subject of any claim on the floorLoc™ laminate panels must clearly display a faulty area in the panels and be at least one square centimeter in size, and the design foil layer must be completely abraded right through. No liability is accepted for abrasion on the edges of panels or for unusual or inappropriate use, and in particular for damage caused by mechanical stress or dirty floors.
  6. No guarantee is provided if the floor is not level within stated specification on the box insert.
  7. No guarantee is provided if the floor has not been fitted with a proper damp resistant membrane, and or cushion underlay as may be required by the product, all of which must have been manufactured to the specifications as stated in our installation instructions or in our web site under the heading INSTALLATION.
  8. No guarantee is provided if proper clearances and expansions have not been applied according to the installation instructions provided with each box of laminate. In the event of floors being damaged due to lack of expansions or faulty installation the guarantee will fall away completely and be of no effect.
  9. Validity of guarantee is dependent on regular cleaning and maintenance of floorLoc™ floors as described in our Cleaning and Maintenance Guide.
  10. Claims under guarantee are valid only if submitted within 30 days of ascertaining damage and must be accompanied by the original receipt from the supplying dealer. During the process of investigating any claim, we retain the right to examine the floor in question on site freely and without restriction.
  11. Claims will only be considered if submitted through an approved floorLoc™ dealer and handled according to our standard claims policy.
  12. If a claim is approved, replacement materials will be supplied to cover the damaged products only. If the colour in question is no longer available, then the dealer can choose a replacement product of equal value from the then current floorLoc™ range.
  13. Depreciation of 10% per annum of the original value of the laminates is assumed, and supply of replacement product will be dependent on payment of the appropriate difference by the dealer.
  14. No liability is accepted for further damages, especially consequential damages such as those incurred during installation or removal, or transport costs for damaged floorLoc™ laminate floors.

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Issued by Floors Etc Group (Pty) Ltd | info@floorsetc.co.za - www.floorsetc.co.za